Mirror Image: Training From the Edge of Raqqa and Mosul, the Evolution and Future of ISIS and their Wilayats June 19-24th in North Carolina


TRC’s Mirror Image June 19-24 2017

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The Terrorism Research Center’s Mirror Image training program is a five day classroom and field training program designed to simulate terrorist recruitment, training, techniques and operational tactics. This one of a kind total immersion training program places participants into simulated terrorist cells where the participants replicate the various roles within a cell. Cells are briefed on targets and develop operational plans after conducting casing and surveillance. Each day, the participants will be taught a comprehensive program by a host of international terrorism experts. This unique program consists of hardships and long days. Starting in 2002, TRC trained thousands of military, law enforcement, intelligence officers in North Carolina, and at Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Irwin, Camp Rilea, Camp Pendleton, Camp Billy Machen, Camp Michael Monsoor, Camp Blanding, Camp Fogarty, F.E. Warren AFB, Canada, Djibouti and other locations.

Our Mirror Image programs have always been guided by two things that Sun Tzu believed. “Every battle is won before it is fought.” What one does before a critical incident is vital and if you not only know but understand the enemy one can succeed. For as Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Topics covered during Mirror Image Training include: Homegrown Terrorism, Terrorist Training, Cultural Issues and Differences, Terrorist Attacks Worldwide, Casing and Targeting Tradecraft, Casing and Surveillance Exercise, Terrorist Use of Drones in Surveillance, Propaganda and Attacks, Complex Attacks, Evolution of ISIS, Terrorist Planning, Logistics, and Finances, Martyrdom Operations, Radical Islam, Identifying a Terrorist in Your Jurisdiction, Internal Security (Terrorist OPSEC), Intelligence Processes, Ambushes, Targeted Violence, ISIS Hit Lists, Assassinations, Kidnapping and the Weapon of Beheading, Terrorist Media and Propaganda, Case Studies of Terrorist Attacks & Plots to include Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, Ft. Dix, and others attacks.

Ask how you can bring this cutting edge program to your organization. TRC’s Mobile Training Team has conducted Mirror Image programs at Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Irwin, Camp Rilea, Camp Pendleton, Camp Billy Machen, Camp Michael Monsoor, Camp Blanding, Camp Fogarty, F.E. Warren AFB, Canada, Djibouti and other locations.

Our Customized Mirror Image programs have included: Mirror Image: Afghanistan, Mirror Image: Kandahar, Mirror Image Iraq, Mirror Image Anbar Province, Mirror Image Kunar Province, Mirror Image: Mindanao, Mirror Image: Across the Sahel, Persian Mirror Image: Understanding the Islamic Republic, Revolution and Sacrifice, and now Mirror Image: From the Edge of Raqqa, the Evolution and Future of ISIS and their Wilayats. For additional information regarding Mirror Image contact: Purdy@terrorism3.com 703-801-2297


Remembering Trooper Mark Cosslett

Trooper Mark Cosslett Sign

In 1962, President Kennedy designated May 15th as Peace Officer Memorial Day. This week, we remember those law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This week I would like to honor and remember Trooper Mark Cosslett of the Virginia State Police.  In the fall of 2002, two idiots with a rifle were sniping citizens in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.  Mark had been part of law enforcement’s efforts to locate the two criminals shooting innocent people randomly. The “so called snipers” had been arrested early on the morning of October 23, 2002. But people were still unsure if it was them. On October 23, 2002, Mark heard a police radio call go out for shots fired in Lorton, Virginia and he responded on his motorcycle. He was struck and killed when a tow truck veered into his path and struck him while responding to the shots fired call. Mark had served in the US Marine Corps, served the citizens of Virginia for 16 years as a trooper,  a motorman, the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and undercover dealing with narcotics.

Mark was one of the best officers in the US at drug interdiction. It was because of his unique skills at detecting drugs and hidden compartments in vehicles that I brought Mark on the road to share his expertise and experiences with other law enforcement officers. We traveled the country teaching law enforcement officers and Customs Inspectors how to become better at drug interdiction and staying safe.

Mark was always giving, had the warmest smile and a great sense of humor. But most of all he loved his wife and two children more than anything. He was always talking about his family and their importance in his life. I thank God for the opportunity to have spent a little time with such a great friend and role model.

This week everyone should offer his or her thanks and appreciation to those who serve in law enforcement. Too many members of the law enforcement community have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price for our safety. These men and women keep us all safe and we owe them so much. If you have time this week visit the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Judiciary Square in Washington, DC or just thank a member of your local law enforcement community. Mark Cosslett and all those who have their names etched on the National Law Enforcement Memorial are all truly heroes and should be remembered as such.