The New Age of Martyrdom: Suicide Attackers and Bombers Training for LE

The Terrorism Research Center and the NVCJA Presents this unique law enforcement training from August 21-23, 2019, 0700 to 1530 in Northern Virginia.

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Law Enforcement Officers, Supervisors, SWAT, Intel Analysts, Security Officials, Special Event Planners, EOD teams, Military Personnel, and Emergency Management Personnel.

Participants will learn first-hand about the operational methodology of terrorists and will explore the following topics:

Attacking Special Events, Airport and Transportation Hub Attacks, Conducting Targeted Violence, Vehicle Ramming Attacks, Attacks in London, Paris, Nice, Sri Lanka, Inside the Bataclan Attack, Terrorists Targeting Tourists, Hotels, Museums, Shopping Malls, Religious Institutions And Other Targets, Mindsets of Attackers, as well as other topics.

Participants will explore the Evolution of Suicide Bombings and Attacks, Complex Attacks with Firearms, Ramming Vehicle Attacks, Knives, Axes and Hammers, Understanding the Ideology and Mindset, and Targets in Your Jurisdiction and a Protocol for Dealing with these Challenges. Recent Domestic Terrorism Attacks in the United States will be examined.

TRC has always believed in conducting field research. TRC staff have been on the scene of bombings and attacks, interviewed victims, witnesses and first responders of these horrific attacks. The TRC maintains one of the largest databases on suicide bombings and attacks. Each Participant will receive a copy of the Terrorism Research Center’s “The New Age of Martyrdom: Suicide Attacks and Bombings.” A number of special guests will speak providing insights and strategies to deal with these challenges.

For additional information course content and how to register contact us at  or at (703)801-2297.



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