Mirror Image : Training to Combat Terrorism-September 25-29th

Join the Terrorism Research Center for a special Persian/Hezbollah Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism in Maysville, North Carolina.


The Terrorism Research Center’s Mirror Image training program is a five day classroom and field training program designed to simulate terrorist  recruitment,  training, techniques and operational  tactics. Participants will receive insight into the mindset and operational methodology of terrorists through total immersion, hands-on experience, and education about ideologies that motivate them and the cultural dimensions that influence their decision making.

During the training program participants are divided into IRGC/Hezbollah cells and replicate the various operational roles within a cell. Cells are briefed on targets and develop execution plans. Cells will operate in hardship conditions and will eat, sleep and train as a tight knit network. Each day, the participants will be taught a comprehensive program by a host of international terrorism experts then conduct operations. TRC has trained thousands of law enforcement, military and intelligence officers in this one of a kind program.  Click on the below link for more information.

TRC’s Mirror Image Sept 25 29 2017TRC’s Mirror Image Sept 25 29 2017

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