On Memorial Day Thank God Such Men Lived


General George Patton once said, “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God such men lived.” On May 5, 1868, General John Logan, the Commander of the Grand Army issued General Order 11, which stated that May 30th should be observed  as Decoration Day.  Decoration Day would become what we now know as Memorial Day. General Logan’s order stated that the day would be “for the purpose of strewing flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land.”

Freedom has never been free. From our nation’s earliest days individuals have  volunteered to serve our nation and lost their lives. Individuals like Nathaniel Hale who  was hanged as a spy during the Revolutionary War stated, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Our nation owes so much to those brave service members who have lost their lives protecting our nation and our freedoms. We should remember all those brave military members like SFC.  Mihail Golin who was killed in Afghanistan and Master Sgt. Jonathan Dunbar who was killed in Syria. Remember Johnny Michael Spann, Navy SEAL Neil Roberts,  SFC Nathan Chapman, Marine Sgt. Wade Wilson, Lt. Col. Christopher K. Raible,  Senior Airman Bradley Smith, and 3rd Class Nathan Bruckenthal among so many others who we owe so much for their sacrifice.

We should remember their families and all the families of those who have lost their lives to secure our freedom. God Bless our country and all those who serve in uniform!

Marine Warrior Retires After Upholding the Highest Traditions of the Marine Corps

Many heroes emerged from the fighting in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004, but none more noteworthy than First Sergeant Brad Kasal. On November 13, 2004, First Sergeant Kasal heard enemy gunfire to his front and learned that Marines were pinned down inside a structure. He joined a squad of Marines entering the structure to rescue the Marines inside. He eliminated an insurgent fighter upon entering the first room. While moving towards a wounded Marine, First Sergeant Kasal and another Marine were severely wounded. The insurgents then threw hand grenades into the room attempting to kill the Marines. First Sergeant Kasal rolled on top of the other Marine to shield him from the shrapnel with his body.

When offered medical attention and extraction, Kasal refused until the other wounded Marines were taken care of first. He shouted encouragement to his fellow Marines as they cleared the structure of the insurgents. With seven bullet wounds, over 43 pieces of shrapnel and his leg nearly severed he was carried out of the structure by two Marines. Bleeding profusely, with his pistol in one hand and his Ka-Bar in his other hand, a freelance photographer, Lucian Read captured that moment in time with an iconic photograph. For his bravery, leadership and dedication to duty, First Sergeant Kasal was awarded the Navy Cross in 2006.

While Kasal was always an inspiration for his Marines he showed true grit returning to duty after undergoing numerous operations. When doctors recommended that he accept amputation of his leg and retire, Kasal showed his toughness and personal courage keeping his leg and returning to service within the Marine Corps.

Kasal was promoted to Sergeant Major and served in a number of positions to include his last command as Sergeant Major of I MEF. In 2012, Nathaniel Helms wrote, “My Men are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story” which provided insight into this hard charging grunt. The book follows Kasal’s days growing up in Afton, Iowa, to joining the Marine Corps, to Fallujah, and his fighting for life and recovery. One learns the character of this Marine.

My Men Are My Heroes The Brad Kasal Story

Sergeant Major Kasal is a Marine’s Marine. Humble, courageous and a leader of warriors. For thirty-four years he served his country until his retirement last week. Our country owes warriors like Sergeant Major Kasal so much for their service. There are so many silent but legendary leaders that the social media generation never learns about. In this age of self-adulation and “likes”  Sgt. Major Kasal is a leader who puts his men first and never worries about tweets, likes or recognition. He is a true Marine in the spirit of John Basilone, “Hashmark” Johnson, and Chesty Puller. We should all give thanks that our country has great leaders like Sgt. Major Brad Kasal who served their country and trained that next generation of leaders. And as Sgt. Major Kasal once said, “thank you for doing what many would not.” Semper Fidelis!

9/11 Mastermind Seeks to Interject into Gina Haspel’s Confirmation-“Forget about it”

WTC MemorialKhalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist mastermind of the 9/11 attacks wants to dish some information on the nominee for Director of Central Intelligence, Gina Haspel. The New York Times has an article entitled “9/11 Planner, Tortured by C.I.A., Asks to Tell Senators About Gina Haspel.” Hopefully this doesn’t come to fruition. This honorable woman has spent 33 years in the service of her nation in numerous undercover positions for the CIA. Today in our hallowed halls of government Gina Haspel answered numerous barbed questions from Senators from one party. While that is part of the nomination process we don’t need to hear from a terrorist. Maybe the New York Times and certain Senators have forgotten who KSM is and the grief he caused.

KSM helped finance his nephew, Ramzi Yousef’s first attack on the World Trade Center and Operation Bojinka. Operation Bojinka was Yousef’s plan to detonate twelve aircraft flying to the US over the Pacific Ocean. KSM also beheaded Danny Pearl, a Wall Street journalist in Pakistan and videotaped this horrific murder. When asked if that was hard KSM stated no it wasn’t “I had very sharp knives. Just like slaughtering sheep.” KSM told his interrogators, “I cut Daniel’s throat with these blessed hands.” We shouldn’t have to see or hear anything written with those hands.

KSM has always thought himself to be very smart. “Call me Mukhtar,” which means the Brain. “I was the amir of the 9/11 attacks.” We should be smart enough to see what this terrorist is doing and not allow him the freedom to attempt to interject anything into the confirmation hearing of someone who has dedicated her life to service.

Because of KSM there are now 2,983 names of victims on memorials in New York City. There are memorials in Pennsylvania and outside of the Pentagon. There is a star on a wall at CIA HQ to honor Mike Spann, the first American killed in Afghanistan. For without KSM all these individuals would be alive today doing great things.

After the confirmation of Gina Haspel, the Congress needs to do something meaningful-see that all the detainees including KSM have a trial. Justice is being delayed and we are paying for it. We shouldn’t have to hear from the mastermind of 9/11.

Unveiled Courage in Iran: The Girls of Revolution Street

Unveiled in Tehran

On March 7, 1979, the leaders of the Iranian government imposed upon the women of Iran the mandatory wearing of the hijab. The next day to the dismay of the government thousands of women across Iran protested the mandatory wearing of the hijab. These brave women protested for their freedom then and this continues today.

On December 27, 2017, Vida Movahed, climbed onto a telephone box on Revolution Avenue, in the busy central area of Tehran and waved her white head scarf . For some this was an unveiled display of courage but in Iran this crime is called Disturbing Public Security.  After the Iranian Revolution swept across the country in 1979, the government passed a law requiring all women to wear a head scarf (hijab). Vida Movahed’s crime was that she wanted to silently protest the compulsory law requiring her to cover her head.

On January 29, 2018, Narges Hosseini also defied Iran’s hijab law and within ten minutes of uncovering her head and waving her head scarf she was arrested. She was released on $140,000 bail. Narges Hosseini’s trial began on Saturday, February 24th.  Hosseini is charged with:

1.  Encouraging Immorality or Prostitution

2.  Failing to Observe Hijab

3. Flagrant Commitment of a Forbidden Act.

The Iranians have arrested over thirty-five “girls of Revolution Street” as this spontaneous movement has been called.  But that has done little to stop other Iranian women from their  protest. On February 22, 2018, Tehran Police had a barrier welded on the top of the telephone box on Revolution Avenue to prevent these protests.  Instead other women moved down the street to another box, to a bench or other places to wage their protests. While the first couple women were released on bail, the Iranian government is using imprisonment in an attempt to quash these protests. Instead of releasing them on bail, Azam Jangroy, Maryam Shariatmadari, Shaparak Shajarizadeh and others have been imprisoned.

Shaparak Shajarizadeh is being held in solitary confinement in the appalling Shahr-e-Rey Prison as is Maryam Shariatmadari. Maryam Shariatmadari was standing on the top of the box when a police officer physically knocked her off the box. This resulted in a trip to the hospital before being jailed. Women’s human rights in Iran continue to be violated. Last year Dorsa Derakshani, an 18-year old chess grandmaster was banned from competing on the Iranian Chess Team after she competed in the Gilbraltar Chess Tournament with her hair uncovered.

I am reminded of another brave girl who didn’t want a government dictating how she dressed. Hala, was an Afghan teenager who witnessed the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Hala and her sister Sulima wrote a book entitled, “Behind the Burqa Our Life in Afghanistan and How We Escaped to Freedom.” In the book, Hala describes when she first heard on the radio that “Women are to wear hijab and burqa, by order of the  Ministry for the Protection of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”

Hala and her sisters had enjoyed their fashion freedom and they were being required to wear a burqa. The Taliban also forbid them from wearing white socks, listening to music and attending school. Hala was a normal defiant teenager. She told me she liked wearing blue jeans, polo shirts and enjoyed school. Hala and her sisters began running a neighborhood school and initially declined to wear a burqa.  Soon the Taliban was alerted and Hala’s choices were bleak. She might face imprisoned, acid attacks, or could even be killed to make an example of her. Instead she was forced to flee her country and flew into New York by herself where she requested political asylum.

Today a new generation of women are speaking out and protesting for their rights. These brave mothers and daughters, should be given the freedom to dress without a government forcing them to wear a head covering. So tomorrow as the world celebrates International Women’s Day we should celebrate these women for their bravery and courage. The unveiled girls of Revolution Street have become a symbol of freedom and those being held should be immediately released. For as Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Tragedy at the Hands of an Illegal Alien, a Criminal, and a Drunk Driver

Convicted of DUI-Twice
Convicted of Drug Possession-Three Times
Convicted of Driving Without a License-Once
Illegally Entered the United States-Three Times
Removed (Deported) to Guatemala-Twice
Used a False Alias to Mask Identity
Charged With Driving with a BAC of .239
Charged With Failure to Remain on the Scene of an Accident
Charged with Drunk Driving Causing Two Deaths

Every day across the United States almost 29 people die due to alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes. In 2016, there were 10,497 people who lost their lives due to people driving under the influence of alcohol. We recently learned that Edwin Jackson and Jeffrey Monroe were killed by an “alleged drunk driver.” Jackson, a young man in the prime of his life was better know because he was a linebacker (#53) with the Indianapolis Colts. Jackson previously attended Georgia Southern University where he played four seasons of football and received a degree in International Trade.

Jeffrey Monroe was a computer programmer with Allison Payment Systems. Monroe for years worked the midnight shift and worked part time as an Uber driver. He worked this part time job to be able to take his wife to the Tokyo Olympics. Both of these men’s lives were tragically cut short by an alleged drunk driver.

Manuel Orrego-Savala has been charged with two counts of failure to remain at the scene of an accident and two counts of drunk driving causing a death. Orrego-Savala crashed a Ford F-150 pickup truck into the rear of Monroe’s vehicle which was pulled off I-70 in Indianapolis in the breakdown lane. Orrego-Savala fled the scene on foot but was quickly arrested. He had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .239, which was nearly three times the legal limit in Indiana. But this was not his first run-in with law enforcement.

Manuel Orrego-Savala from Guatemala illegally entered the United States in July 2004. Within thirteen months he had been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) twice. In June and August 2005, he was arrested in Redwood City, California for DUI. He plead no contest to both DUI charges and was sentenced to 10 days in the county jail.

In early 2006, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor drug possession. He plead no contest and was given probation. In September and October 2006, he was arrested again for drug possession. He was convicted and sentenced to 90 days in jail but given probation. In October 2006, he was arrested by ICE for being in the country illegally. On January 17, 2007, Manuel Orrego-Savala was removed (deported) to Guatemala.
Orrego-Savala didn’t stay in Guatemala long. Instead he returned illegally to the United States again. On March 26, 2009, he was arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Francisco. He was removed (deported) to Guatemala for a second time on May 12, 2009. But he would illegally return to the United States for a third time. But this time he would use an alias to mask his true identity.

Manuel Orrego-Savala used the alias Alex Cabrera-Gonsales, when he was stopped in Boone County, Indiana for driving without a license. He was convicted and sentenced to two days in jail and given credit for time served in August 2017. The Boone County Sheriff’s Department submitted fingerprints to both the Indiana State Police and the FBI. One might think that the fingerprints once entered into the system would alert someone that this person is not Alex Cabrera-Gonsales but Manuel Orrego-Savala.

Individuals like Manuel Orrego-Savala are a threat to the public safety of American. He should have never been in the United States. He had multiple convictions for driving under the influence, multiple convictions for drug possession, multiple deportations, driving without a license, and now causing the deaths of two individuals. Last April, the Attorney General ordered that all federal prosecutors should bringing charges against aliens who have illegally re-entered the country and have a criminal history and pose a risk to public safety.

At the end of the day two families have lost loved ones because an illegal alien was driving a vehicle with a BAC of .239. While Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) have made great inroads to working to reduce drunk drivers impaired driving is a huge problem. With certain states allowing the sale of marijuana, one has to wonder how many impaired drivers will injure others in the future.

With technology today, fingerprints should have instantly identified that Alex Cabrera-Gonsales was really Manuel Orrego-Savala. He should have been charged and sentenced for re-entry in the United States after being removed twice before when he was arrested in Boone County. Then maybe we would have had the opportunity to watch a linebacker develop into a great NFL player. Then maybe a husband might have taken his wife to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. At the end of the day this is just tragic and our systems are broken or not equipped to solve these problems.

Plot to Attack Pier 39 on Christmas Day

Pier 39

The Islamic State has been calling on its followers to launch attacks during the Christmas and Holiday season.  We have previously seen attacks on the Berlin Christmas Market and the Reina Nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey. But here in the United States as people prepared to celebrate Christmas, Everitt Jameson, a tow truck driver from Modesto, California was alleged to be making preparations to attack Pier 39 in San Francisco. Pier 39 is one of the most visited attractions in San Francisco. From the pier one can watch the Sea Lions that gather on the floating docks. Everitt Jameson, a former Marine and convert to Islam communicated with a number of undercover informants of the FBI about his desires to undertake a terrorist attack and his desire to support the Islamic State. Jameson stated that “whatever they need done here. Alhamudulillah. I know this very well. I have no doubt. I am ready. Give the word and it shall be done.

A handwritten letter recovered during the FBI’s search of Jameson’s residence sheds some light on what motivated him to want to kill on Christmas Day.

“I Abdallah abu Everitt ibn Gordon have committed these acts upon the Kuffar, in the name of Dar al Islam, Allahu Akbar! You all have brought this upon yourselves. There are no innocent Kuffar! Each and every Kuffar in this Nationalistic, Godless society has a hand in this. You’re Allowed Donald J Trump to give away Al Quds to the Jews. Both You and he are wrong, it belongs to the Muslemeen. We have penetrated and infiltrated your disgusting country. These Acts will continue until the Lions of Islam overtake you. Turn to Allah, make tawbah and fight with us, the soldiers who fight in the day and the night. Allah SWT is most forgiving, I am not. Long Live Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Allahu Akbar!

Abdallah abu Everitt ibnGordon al-Amriki”

Jameson told an undercover source that that we need something along the lines of New York or San Bernardino and he wanted to do a combination of the two. He wanted to do a vehicle attack combined with a firearms attack. Jameson had the perfect target to attack. He had been to Pier 39 in San Francisco and knew that it was a heavily crowded area. Jameson provided a photo map of Pier 39 along with two photos of the area. He told the undercover source that he also desired to use explosives. The explosives would funnel people into a location where Jameson could inflict casualties. Jameson thought that Christmas was the perfect day to commit the attack.

For Jameson, this attack would be a martyrdom operation. He told the undercover that he did not have and did not need an escape plan because he was ready to die. On December 18, 2017, an FBI employee mistakenly called Jameson’s phone from an identifiable phone with a (202) area code. Jameson answered his phone in Arabic and the FBI employee quickly hung up. Jameson called the Washington, D.C. phone back and got the answering machine with the voice mail message for the person who called. Shortly after this Jameson seemed to have a change in heart. That same evening when the undercover source contacted Jameson to discuss meeting, Jameson told him that he had been “very busy tonight.” Jameson stated that “I also don’t think I can do this after all.” The next day the FBI obtained a search warrant and executed the warrant at Jameson’s residence.

Everitt Jameson was charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization -the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He is not the first person nor the last to plan or execute an attack during the Christmas. Terrorists hope to maximize the fear they might inflict by conducting an attack during the Christmas season. We have seen attacks of a Christmas Market in Berlin and the New Years Eve Nightclub attack in Istanbul, Turkey. The fact remains that terrorists are choosing to conduct their attacks during the Christmas and Holiday Season because of the numbers of people found in the target area and the importance that individuals place on the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For these reasons we must all be ever more vigilant. Merry Christmas!

Justice for Benghazi in a DC Courtroom


Last week a jury of twelve men and women heard the closing arguments in the first major terrorist trial in the United States since 2015. This week that same jury starts deliberations as to the guilt or innocence of an international terrorist. Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the leader of the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi is being tried for his role in the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic facility on September 11, 2012 and the attack on the CIA Annex on September 12th.  Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were killed during these attacks. Two other Americans, David Ubben and Mark Geist were severely wounded.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah’s trial began in the US District Court in Washington, DC on October 2, 2017. This trial shows that justice for an international terrorist is capable of being rendered in our courts. But this is nothing new. Terrorist have been tried in US courts to include Ramzi Yousef (first World Trade Center Bombing), Omar Abdel-Rahman (Blind Sheikh), Zacarias Moussaoui, Richard Reid (Shoe Bomber), Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani (US Embassy Bombings), Sulaiman Abu Ghaith (Al-Qaeda Spokesman), and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Underwear Bomber).

Presidential powers during war are entitled to a heavy measure of deference. Initially after the September 11th attacks the focus was to obtain intelligence on the second wave and additional plots by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda had declared war on the United States. Thus, that is why terrorists were sent to Guantanamo Bay. However, with the passing of time the ability and need to obtain actionable intelligence had passed with the terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay. Ahmed Abu Khatallah was captured and interrogated as he was transported across the Atlantic Ocean by USS New York Navy ship. After being interrogated by intelligence officers, a “clean” FBI team came and “interviewed” him after advising him of his Miranda rights.  The statements given to FBI Agents aboard the USS New York were admitted into evidence by a Federal judge. This is the model for the future.

On June 6, 1945, Justice Jackson issued a written report to President Truman.  In the report Justice Jackson stated he had selected staff, worked out a plan for preparation, briefings and the Nuremberg trials. Justice Jackson also instructed those engaged in the collection and processing of evidence, visited the European theater to expedite examination of captured documents and the interrogations of witnesses and prisoners.

On October 7, 1946, Justice Jackson reported that the International Military Tribunal sitting in Nuremberg, Germany found 19 of the 22 defendants guilty and acquitted 3 individuals.  Justice Jackson mentioned the “magnitude of the task” that was under taken. I seriously doubt, William Gladstone, the English barrister and former Prime Minister said that “Justice delayed is Justice denied.  President Truman after World War II appointed one of the most able minds in the American legal system to secure justice.  Former President Obama stated in his first State of the Union that “there is no force in the world more powerful than the example of America.”  Since he came into office, too much time had been spent on the politics of closing Guantanamo Bay rather than how Justice might be that American example for the world.  Let’s not delay Justice any longer. We owe this to all those who have lost loved ones.

While President Trump campaigned on sending more terrorists to Guantanamo Bay both Ahmed Abu Khatallah and Mustafa al-Imam have been brought to the United States and brought before a Federal Court. The wheels of justice have been in motion ever since they have been brought before the District Court.  On Monday November 20, 2017, District Court Judge Christopher Cooper will have the jury in Ahmed Abu Khatallah’s case deliberating and he will then have a status hearing to proceed with Mustafa al-Imam’s trial.

The Military Tribunal System in Guantanamo Bay has been a failure since it has not delivered justice. President Trump should with all haste turn over the Guantanamo prisoners for trial in our Federal Courts. President Truman was blessed to have such an able Supreme Court Justice handle the Nuremberg Trials. But the politics today would probably never allow a sitting Supreme Court Justice to do what Justice Jackson did back then. Congress has shown no political courage to draft legislation that passes Constitutional muster and too often members of Congress have just used this issue for their own or their party’s own gains in the media and with voters.

No terrorists have attacked an American city because Zacarias Moussaoui, Ramzi Yousef, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith are serving out their sentences in prison. The Super Max Prisons in the United States can securely hold the Guantanamo Prisoners and would do so much cheaper.  The Rule of Law and Justice deems that those terrorist in Guantanamo Bay be tried for their crimes. And we must also seek to capture Sufian bin Qumu, and bring him to answer for his role in the Benghazi attacks. Qumu, a former detainee held in Guantanamo Bay was released to Libya in 2007. The Libyan Government released him from prison in 2008. Until then justice will remain fleeting.  And let us all take notice how the District Court in Washington, D.C. has gone about its business of being that stellar example of Justice and the Rule of Law.



Abbottabad Documents Confirm Iran’s Sanctuary for Al-Qaeda


Last week the CIA released a treasure trove of documents from Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad residence.  One of those documents had a number of insights from an Al-Qaeda brother alerting Osama Bin Laden to what was occurring with the brothers who had traveled to Iran to escape the Americans invasion of Afghanistan.  The author of this document highlights what was occurring with Iran. None of the observations are a surprise but shows how Al-Qaeda and Iran operated during this period. The statements and the actions of Iran are also important for Americans to understand as we deal with Iran in the future. The below in italics are just a sample taken from the document.

 Anyone who wants to hit America, Iran is ready to support him and help him with money

. . . . but they are afraid of any evidence in the hands of America.

Al-Qaeda after the US military invasion of Afghanistan sought to exploit Sun Tzu’s old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Al-Qaeda sent Mahfouz Ould al-Walid (Abu Hafs the Mauritanian) to Iran to reach out to IRGC and Al-Quds Forces to see if Al-Qaeda could move fighters and their families to Iran. This was not the first time that Abu Hafs had been to Iran. In 1995,  Abu Hafs had accompanied Saif al-Adel to Tehran on another matter.

Three months later we came to the orders of the brothers to go to Iran, and there was a lot of brothers.

Some of them with official visas where they took the visa from the Iranian consulate in Karachi.

Some of them without an original visa, then all after that or most of them entered by a different route legal, i.e. smuggling and cross-border infiltration, which is not difficult but is easy.

 But the purpose of the visa is to be in the passport etc. visa even if he wants to travel from Iran to another country, then he can do so easily, which many have done.

The mandate of Abu Hafs was that he would have the understanding with the Iranians to allow for our brothers to cross and stay in the country.

As Sun Tzu stated “All warfare is based on deception. Deceiving the Americans and the world would be important for both the Iranians and Al-Qaeda. The Iranians are Shia and Al-Qaeda’s fighters are all Sunni. One might think that these two opposites would never work together but when it has been convenient they have worked together. What was important to the Iranians was that they would be able to deny that they were offering a safe haven to their American enemy- Al- Qaeda. Abu Hafs would be the Al Qaeda representative in Iran with the understanding with the Iranians.

And they began to speak with Abu Hafs as the official of all the brothers, and included

conditions that the phone should not be used. . . . .

. . .  .do not do any activity or movements and gatherings that attract the principals.

All of these were security conditions

The Iranians were worried that Al-Qaeda brothers talking on phones and gathering would attract the attention of the Americans. But others felt safe in Iran and thought that there was no way the US could reach inside of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After all, Iran had been fighting a proxy war against America ever since 1979. The Al-Qaeda brothers felt safe in Iran.

But what happened was that our brothers did not abide by the agreements and Abu Hafs was not able to control them, they were of different nationalities, forms and types of humans.

Including the aggrieved and the anarchists and so on, did not adhere to the condition not to use phones, especially mobile phones. And on the terms of movement and gatherings.

And said the Iranians that the Americans have recorded a lot of your contacts.

… and the brothers came to us and protested to us, and that we harbor the terrorists and so on and your news

 . . . this is a danger to us, and we imposed on you our terms from the beginning.

Sun Tzu wrote that foreknowledge was “the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move.” Yet, Al-Qaeda’s brothers had disavowed the agreement and worse had shown contempt for America’s technical capabilities. This could cause the Iranians a bigger problem and they didn’t want to tempt fate after seeing how quickly American has taken over Afghanistan and removed Mullah Omar’s Taliban government. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Whether Iran offered safe haven or house arrests for Al-Qaeda members, fighters and their families-there is no difference. Iran did provide safe havens for members of AL-Qaeda including individuals like Saif-al-Adel and members of Osama bin Laden’s family. Both Iran and Al-Qaeda see America as the great Satan and an enemy. America must never forget this and that often our enemies will work together because their true aims intersect. If the Iranians are willing to provide sanctuary to a terrorist group like Al-Qaeda right after September 11th what else might they undertake? The importance of this can’t be stated any clearer.




Terror in Mogadishu: Al-Shabaab Out For Death and Blood

Mog1  Mog 2

In 2016, Al-Shabaab was named the deadliest terrorist group in Africa having killed more than 4, 000 people that year. This year seems no different in Somalia. Recently the U.S. State Department in an updated warning on Somalia stated that “There is a particular terrorist threat in places where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent, including airports and seaports, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas.

Al-Shabaab continues to attack hotels, government leaders, and anywhere large crowds might assemble. On Saturday, October 28, 2017, five Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked the Nasahablod hotel in the Hamarweyne District of Mogadishu. A suicide bomber in a truck pulled up to the front gate of the hotel and pretended his vehicle was broken down. When the suicide bomber detonated the other attackers stormed the hotel wearing National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) uniforms shooting all they came in contact with. One terrorist detonated a suicide bomber vest as the other terrorists threw grenades and made their way inside the hotel which they held until the next morning. The terrorist killed 27 and injured over 30 individuals.

This is not the first time this hotel has been attacked.  In June, four gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed the hotel once again taking hostages and throwing hand grenades. A suicide bomber detonated his vest at the entry gate.  The terrorists killed 14 and wounded 11 during this attack. Two weeks before this attack Al-Shabaab terrorists stormed the Ambassador Hotel killing 15 including two members of the Parliament. Today in Mogadishu a ban was announced on tankers and overloaded trucks in the city. But this won’t stop Al-Shabaab attacks. Yesterday in Rasadaay, Al-Shabaab fighters forced the African Union Forces (AMISOM) to withdraw.

The number and magnitude of these attacks in Mogadishu threaten the Somalia government led by President Mohamed Abdullahi. Colonialism, civil war, corruption, Islamic ideology and terrorism have robbed the Somalia people of peace and prosperity over the last 30 years. On Monday the Trump administration said it would contribute an initial $60 million to help five nations (Niger, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mauritania) in Africa’s Sahel region as it builds and trains a cross-border counterterrorism force. While the Sahel region is critical to defeating terrorists in the crossroads of Africa we can’t forget about the regional threat posed by the Al-Shabaab. The United States needs to double its efforts and take the leadership in getting regional partners to redouble their efforts to finally end the threat to the region posed by al-Shabaab terrorists. Six months ago, America lost a warrior sent into this dangerous land. Senior Chief Petty Officer Kyle Milliken, a dedicated son, husband, father and Navy SEAL was killed during an operation west of Mogadishu. As a Somali proverb states “When a snake is in the house, one need not discuss the matter at length.” The Al-Shabaab snake needs to be eliminated. Otherwise this area will continue to be a problem for the region.

Dynamics of Mirror Image: Counter-Terrorism Training

First, a special thanks to all those who participated in the Terrorism Research Center’s Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism conducted last week in Maysville, North Carolina. (To see some photos and learn more click on this link  TRC’s Mirror Image Thanks to the Participants of the October MI 2017 ).


The participants in the Mirror Image training program conducted casing and surveillance of two different targets, planned operations, conducted exercises, emplaced an IED, among other operations and learned how to take apart and assembly an AK-47 as well as tackle the spider’s web. The participants in this Mirror Image made their cells some of the most dynamic. While the Spider Web record remains in place with members of NSWG1 a cell this week closed the time and really threatened the record. Well done by all who participated.  Click on the above link to learn more about our total immersion Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism training. The next program will take place November  13-17th and will have a number of special guest speakers. Register now to reserve you spot.