In 2002, the Terrorism Research Center’s Mirror Image:Training to Combat Terrorism was first conducted in North Carolina. The Terrorism Research Center over the years has trained thousands of military, law enforcement and intelligence officers in our total immersion counter-terrorism training program.  Today, the Terrorism Research Center is pleased to announce that we are once again conducting Mirror Image in North Carolina.

Insurgents Village

The purpose of Mirror Image is to allow individuals to step into the shoes of a terrorist cell or network to gain insight into the mindset and ideology as well as their operational methodology.   Our Mirror Image programs have always been guided by two things that Sun Tzu believed. “Every battle is won before it is fought.” What one does before a critical incident is vital and if you not only know but understand the enemy one can succeed. For as Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

The Terrorism Research Center’s Mirror Image training program is a five day classroom and field training program designed to simulate terrorist recruitment, training, techniques and operational tactics. This one of a kind total immersion training program places participants into simulated terrorist cells where the participants replicate the  various roles within a cell. Cells are briefed on targets and develop operational plans after conducting casing and surveillance. Each day, the participants will be taught a comprehensive program by a host of international terrorism experts. This unique program consists of hardships and long days. Starting in 2002,  TRC trained thousands of military, law enforcement, intelligence officers in North Carolina, and at Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Irwin, Camp Rilea, Camp Pendleton, Camp Billy Machen, Camp Michael Monsoor, Camp Blanding, Camp Fogarty, F.E. Warren AFB, Canada, Djibouti and other locations.

The new facility in North Carolina is within minutes from Camp Lejeune. With ranges, the largest shoot house in America, and excellent exercise areas and facilities we are excited to bring Mirror Image back to North Carolina. Here are the dates we will be conducting Mirror Image in North Carolina.

                                    April 24-28, 2017                           August 14-18, 2017

                                    May 22-26,2017                             September 25-29, 2017

                                    June 19-23, 2017                            October 16-20, 2017

                                    July 24-28, 2017                             November 13-17, 2017

Some of the topics covered include: the road to jihad, recruiting, terrorist training, cultural issues and differences, Salafist ideology, the Evolution of Al Qaeda, AQAP, ISIS, ISIS After Raqqa, Casing and Surveillance, complex attacks, Planning, Logistics, and Finances, Media, Social Media, Propaganda and the Use of Drones, Internal Security, Ambushes, Targeted Violence, Kidnappings, Case studies of terrorist attacks to include Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, Homs, Istanbul, Ankara, Aden, and other topics.

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For more information about the Terrorism Research Center’s total immersion “Mirror Image:Training to Combat Terrorism or one of our customized Mirror Images programs or our new facility in North Carolina contact us Purdy@terrorism3.com or go to http://www.trchomelandsecurity.com to register to receive additional information.

                                                “A Virginia Company With A Global Purpose”

Terrorism Research Center Inc., 5765 F Burke Center Pkwy-PMB 331, Burke, Virginia 22015


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