Iran Stills Holds American Citizen Robert Levinson

Robert Levinson in Orange Jump Suit

Ten years ago an American citizen, Robert Levinson was seized on Kish Island, Iran and has been held by Iran. On September 24, 2013, we published “Iran’s Signals, Calls and Marches” to bring attention to this travesty . There is a link to that publication below.

This last week to mark the date this honorable family man was illegally seized his family once again appealed for his release. Even the United Nations holds Iran responsible for the detention of Robert Levinson. The United States needs to make returning Robert Levinson a priority and hold Iran accountable for its illegal actions. Americans should contact their elected officials and the White House and demand that Bob Levinson be one of the key priorities of the government. For this public servant should not be forgotten. Ten years is too long. The Levinson family has a website with information which I have listed below.

Irans Signals, Calls and Marches

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